Friday, May 13, 2011

Día del Alumnos

Today we celebrated Día del Alumnos (Student's Day) even though nationally it was on Wednesday. I wish we had a student's day in the states, or at least we did when I was a student. They also celebrate a Kid's Day here, something else that we don't get.
Anyways, it was a fun day! It was only a half day, and the whole day was basically a party. The kids didn't have to wear their uniforms (which was very exciting for them) and the teachers put on a show for them. I was happy to participate, I imitated Miley Cyrus in my lively rendition of Party in the USA, I was in a dance to the Glee version of "Umbrella", (with, of course, umbrellas) and I did a dance to Single Ladies, chipmunk style (gotta keep it appropriate for the kids). Also, a few days ago we got dressed up as zombies and recorded a video of us doing the Thriller dance and today showed that video. The kids seemed to love every minute of the "performance". I think it was very funny for them to see their teachers dancing and being silly. At the end they got to dance in the gym and it was entertaining to watch them interact with one another. I saw some very excited fifth grade boys dancing with some eighth grade girls. It had all the vibes of middle school dances I remember attending, but with a little bit more freedom, a bit less awkward, and a lot more latino music. I kind of failed at taking pictures but here are a few.

It was so so hot in there, my camera got a little sweaty.

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